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Your Appointment


We want you to have clear expectations of the duration and substance of your appointment.  

Depending on the complexity of your problem, please allow 2 - 3 hours for your first consultation with us.  We find that the best care is delivered when all necessary services are performed in office, rather than scheduling multiple appointments at various locations.  If special diagnostic testing and /or treatment is necessary, we will attempt to provide it that day. To perform an adequate retinal examination it is necessary to dilate your pupils at each visit. Because this may blur your vision for up to 6 hours and make your eyes sensitive to light, you may arrange to have someone drive you home. Sunglasses may make you more comfortable during your trip home following your appointment.  Disposable sunglasses are available for your convenience at each office.


You will need to bring:

  • Referral sheet from your referring physician detailing the medical condition you are being referred for.

  • List of any medications, including over the counter, and medical / surgical history.

  • Insurance card(s) and referral from primary physician (if applicable).

  • Photo Identification


We place a great deal of emphasis on making sure you are well informed about your condition and treatment options. Our team would like to ensure that your visit is comprehensive and that the details have been communicated in a way that is easily understood. Your referring doctor will be kept up to date with your treatment course. 

You will also be asked to sign our privacy policy - please review HERE

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